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We offer a wide range of APIs to enable third party integration to web services .These Web services provide access to functionality at every stage of our operation.

In our second generation API (v2), we are utilising new state of art cloud technologies to deliver better performance without compromising on our well established security credentials. The API v2 service is implemented using a cloud based serverless API SaaS platform, this has enabled a truly scalable cloud architecture which can serve the growing demand on our services.

Serverless computing is a strategic deviation from existing common central server model — it is an event-driven setup without permanent infrastructure where servers are auto-run and resources allocated on a per-need basis to scale to the demands on API service. Serverless API Gateway will dynamically allocate computing capacity to match the rate of incoming requests to maintain optimum response time. API Gateway is designed to use replication and redundancy to provide high availability for the API service, which means there are no maintenance windows or scheduled downtimes.

Core API

Core Services Application Programming Interface (API) full reference documentation


Art-on-Demand Application Programming Interface (API) full reference documentation

Shopify API

Shopify Integration Application Programming Interface (API) full reference documentation



API SDKs to Simplify using API services in your applications.


Art-on-Demand Application Webhook Signals/Events full reference documentation



The API License and Terms of Use, agreed at registration for the service, governs any access to and use of the APIs

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