Publishers and rights owner of digital images from artists and other sources can utilise our online solutions to offer printing access to a variety of target clients worldwide, securely and with total control.

The royalties and cost of the use is determined by the publisher and the clients are restricted in the use of images per controls setup for the whole library or individual images.

Images are streamed for printing and original image is never passed on to target system ensuring image rights managements.

Within the B2B environment a host of target clients associated with the publisher can get access to W2P/AOD service for printing. These can get access under the control of the publisher from a dedicated online portal anywhere in the world.

Additionally a B2C service can also be offered by hosting a W2P/AOD enabled website with full payment and order processing. The Website can be branded under publisher, Galleries, print provider or a third party.

Publishers also have the opportunity to offer their images via cloudstore to our other AOD customers and increase the reach of their content worldwide.

You can be sure that the images are secure and the rights are protected and any royalties as a result of printing the images are appropriated correctly. By going online via our W2P/AOD service you can break the geographic barrier of local printing/supply and gain customers worldwide with minimum effort.

The images can be made available through any of these channels:


    • Galleries
    • Print Service Providers (PSP)
    • Design Houses
    • Major Customers
    • Publisher Website
    • Gallery Website
    • PSP Website
    • Third Party Website
    • Any other cloudstore AOD customer




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