In Cloud,  resources and services are abstracted from the underlying infrastructure and provide on-demand and at scale in a multi-tenant environment. Cloudstore services offer the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and business agility. As businesses continue to pursue “asset-light” models, cloud based delivery of services frees them to innovate and drive new business without being limited by the cost, availability or time required to develop bespoke solutions.

Cloudstore Services have been developed to address this demand and offers an end-to-end solution with full integration and services using the latest cloud based technologies available. Publishers, Artists, Galleries and Print Service Providers can build their own Print on Demand cloud presence using Cloudstore solutions with minimal capital cost and available proven technology.

Using our experience, knowledge and expertise we aim to make cloud based high quality large format printing solution an asset to your business not a problem enabling you to respond to both market and customer needs.


Web-to-Print (W2P)

Cloudstore Web2Print solution can be used to offer web based print services to large format print providers enabling them to move quickly into online market.

Our Web2Print solution offers a host of innovative web based client apps for: Posters, Cards, Canvas, Wallart, Metals, Boards, Photo-Album, Frames, Calendar, T-Shirts, Mugs, Textiles and many more applications.

The unique end-to-end solution ensures excellent customer experience all the way to high quality print output, minimising manual input and enhancing productivity.

This solution can be configured to target public consumers (B2C) or to business customers (B2B).

Consumers (B2C)

Cloudstore solution is ideally suited to offer consumer web to print services for large format print operators. The complete end-to-end solution involves minimal manual input while ensuring the latest print technology is available to consumers online.

Business Customers (B2B)

Larger enterprises wishing to offer cloud based web-to-print solution as part of their own product portfolio can utilize the Cloudstore services as a technology enabler for rapid entry into the online market.


Art-on-Demand (AOD)

Built upon our Web2Print technology, our unique AOD solution can provide access to wide source of high value digital content, on-demand via cloud, enabling secure and safe usage of digital content for printing.

By incorporating unique streaming technology and delivering the content on-demand from source to print, all assets are protected and royalties are appropriated fully.

Digital image Publishers, Artists, Galleries and Print Studios worldwide can benefit from Art-on-Demand services with total control over the access rights and the quality of the output.

This solution can be configured to target public consumers (B2C) or to business customers (B2B)


Consumers (B2C)

AOD solution is ideally suited to offer consumer on demand art print services for publishers, artists and their print providers. The complete end-to-end solution ensures the art content is offered to consumers worldwide without the need to pass the original file.


Business Customers (B2B)

Publishers and Artists wishing to open up their contents to partner studios, galleries and print providers can use this service to provide an online library and print service worldwide safely and secure without passing the original file.

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