API Terms of Use


This agreement (“API Terms”) between you and Cloudsto.re, and RIPRINT Limited (collectively, “Cloudsto.re”) applies to your use of Cloudsto.re’s public Application Program Interface (“API”), alone or in combination with the site, apps, and/or any other services provided by Cloudsto.re. By using the API, you’re agreeing to these API Terms, Privacy Policy, and the Cloudsto.re Terms (collectively, the “Terms”).


We’ll refer to https://Cloudsto.re as the “Site,” Cloudsto.re’s mobile and Web applications as the “Apps, the Cloudsto.re API, and our other services, together with the Site and Apps, collectively as the “Services.”. While Cloudsto.re owns our API, members own their own content.


Your Limited License to Use the Cloudsto.re API

Cloudsto.re grants you a limited, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license to access and use our API to create and run websites and applications that comply with our policies. Cloudsto.re reserves the right to charge for access to, or use of, the API in the future. If you violate the Terms, we may revoke your API access or your account privileges (including your related accounts). If Cloudsto.re enters into a business agreement involving our API, that agreement’s terms supersede these API Terms.


API Agreement Acceptance and Changes

Cloudsto.re reserves the right to change these API Terms at any time. If we believe that the changes are material, we’ll send an email to the address associated with your account or message you through Cloudsto.re Conversations. You consent to receiving these non-marketing messages, and it’s your responsibility to review these changes.

In order to continue using the API, you must accept the updated API Terms. If we provide notice to you of a material change in the API Terms that require you to affirmatively accept the change, and if you fail to accept the updated API Terms and other applicable policies within 30 days of notice of these updates, your access to the API may be suspended or terminated. For all other updates, your continued use of the API 30 days after we’ve notified you of an update will constitute your acceptance of the updated API Terms.

Your Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Security Obligations

When using our API, you may interact with user-generated content and users’ personal information. Remember, Cloudsto.re does not own user-generated content—Cloudsto.re’s members do. Moreover, you have a strong obligation to protect user personal information.

Your application is your responsibility. This means you must keep your application, site, and any Cloudsto.re user data secure. It also means you must comply with all applicable laws, including intellectual property, privacy, and commercial laws. You also must comply with all of Cloudsto.re policies, including our Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Policy. You agree that Cloudsto.re and its affiliates have no responsibility or control over the content that you and your application’s users upload or transmit through Cloudsto.re’s API.

You must be transparent with our members by providing terms of service and a privacy policy in your application, which must be prominently displayed and comply with all relevant legal requirements. This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws that govern the ways in which you can use Cloudsto.re member information. Such laws may require that you post, and comply with, your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to users of your application and compatible with this policy and Cloudsto.re’s Terms of Use. See Cloudsto.re’s Privacy Policy for additional information. If you fail to maintain a transparent and sufficient privacy policy, your access to the API may be suspended or terminated.

You are also a separate and independent controller of personal information under EU law and must comply with all EU laws and in particular the GDPR regulations.


Use of the API

We expect your use of the API to be in the spirit of Cloudsto.re. We reserve the right to refuse service or access to the API at any time and for any reason. If Cloudsto.re determines that your application, your content, or your processing of data are not in the letter or spirit of the Terms, we may take action against your account, such as terminating your API access, suspending your account privileges, or terminating all of your related accounts.

Cloudsto.re is always changing, so the data you access through the API may become outdated quickly. You will not display listing content more than 6 hours older than information on the Site or Apps. You will not display any other Cloudsto.re content more than 24 hours older than the content displayed on our Sites. Once you’ve accessed, stored, or displayed Cloudsto.re content, you will not cache or store it longer than is reasonably necessary to provide service to your application’s users.

You’re solely responsible for your use of the API. If you’re offering your application to other Cloudsto.re members, you will provide support, including by prominently displaying an email address on your application and responding to inquiries from members or Cloudsto.re in a timely manner.

We expect your use of Cloudsto.re’s API to be a positive experience for everyone involved. You may not:


Cloudsto.re’s Trademarks

Remember to keep it original. You agree not to use Cloudsto.re’s trademarks, logos, signature colors, layout, text, or other materials in a way that suggests endorsement from or affiliation with Cloudsto.re. Similarly, you cannot create or use a mark that’s confusingly similar to our trademarks. Your use of Cloudsto.re’s marks is subject to our Trademark Policy. Since this application is your work, Cloudsto.re’s marks must be less prominent than your own. If you’re publicizing or sharing your application, you may say that it was created using Cloudsto.re’s API, but you cannot state that your application is endorsed or certified by Cloudsto.re.

Indemnification of Cloudsto.re

When you use the API to provide an application, you (and your successors in interest) agree not to sue Cloudsto.re or our members on intellectual property, data breach, security, or data protection claims related to your application, or related to the Cloudsto.re technologies that make your application possible.

In addition, you will not bring any intellectual property infringement claim, nor assist any third party in doing so, against Cloudsto.re or our members, related to your use of, and access to, the API (including how your application interacts with Cloudsto.re, the Site, the Apps, or the Services

You are an independent data controller under EU law. However, if you are found to be joint data controllers with Cloudsto.re of user personal information, and if Cloudsto.re is sued, fined, or otherwise incurs expenses because of something that you did as a joint data controller of user personal information, you agree to indemnify Cloudsto.re for the expenses it occurs in connection with your processing of user personal information.

More generally, if your account, application, or use of the API gets Cloudsto.re sued, you agree to indemnify and defend Cloudsto.re. For example, to the extent Cloudsto.re is alleged to have, or found to have, any separate or joint liability for your failure to comply with this policy, you agree to indemnify and hold Cloudsto.re harmless for, and reimburse Cloudsto.re for costs related to, that violation.


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